How Much Is a Burglar Alarm?

This is a very good question. Many people ask the question How much does a Burglar alarm or intruder alarm cost? It highly depends. Its a bit like how much is a car, a kitchen or even a house. Not only does it depend on the size of the system but also the quality of the components used but more importantly the skill and the knowledge of the installer / designer. Even the very best equipment can be installed incorrectly causing no end of issues.

However most burglar alarm systems cost in region of £500 – £800 +vat. At secure it all we dont use cheap equipment. It would be easier to and many companies do. They do this because it allows them to offer a burglar alarm at what appears a lower cost for the same system from us. Then due to the fact that cheap equipment has been used when the faults start they are ‘chargeable’ visits. We do things differently at Secure It All. We dont want to get numerous call backs to our systems. Most of our support contracts are on our *fully comprehensive. This way if there is a problem on your system that is a fault of the system there will never be a charge. Even if its 10 years old. It is in our interests to use quality components installed well.

Thermal cameras to detect coronavirus covid19

SIA are offering a way to detect persons with elevated body temperatures in public areas etc. The use of these systems are to warn people that there is a person with a higher body temperature than normal. Response can then be adjusted depending on the environment. You may be planning to use them in corridor areas to highlight a member of staff, a reception area to identify a visitor in your reception. Even in your school where a pupil or teacher maybe of concern.

The System

We use multiple providers to provide our temperature screening solution, with various product types for use in a wide range of applications. There is rarely a 1 individual product solution else there would be no need for others to exist. Our systems are designed to provide rapid detection on elevated skin-surface temperatures. This approach can monitor all areas of a building rather than just one defined area for example. It allows non contact measurement of visitors etc to avoid any physical contact

It is Faster as the system is constantly monitoring and working in the background, our system can detect one person per second and verify temperature detection

Its Smarture utilising AI to massivly reduce on false alarms, ie coffee cups, laptops being carried etc. This Artificial Intelligence ensures we only detect a persons skin and ignores other sources of heat.

Our Temperature Compensation algorithm manages the difference between the ambient temperature and the distance to the measured target for a considerable accuracy improvement. This accuracy is +/- 0.5  in standalone and +/- 0.3  with our recommended blackbody calibration unit. This ensures every image is accurate as the system calibrates on the fly constantly.


  • High efficiency one second to detect a fever temperature
  • High Accuracy, upto +/- 0.3  
  • Easy operation to reduce training
  • Increased safety as precautions can be taken before contact

No Touch Contactless Access Control System

He at secure it all we have seen an increased demand of no touch access control in Birmingham. Our system allows entry and egress through access controlled doors. Due to the current coronavirus / covid 19 many people prefer not to touch doors, use pin keypads or press exit buttons. Using a Secure It All touch free contactless access control system we can off you this. There are 3 main ways to ensure contactless no touch access control. The first is on the secure side of the door. The reader cant be biometric (fingerprint etc) or pinpad. We must use a proximity system, pretty much the same technology used for contactless payment systems.

Once we have decided with you on your chosen reader technology we then need to decide whether to automate the door opening. Usually this can be done on existing doors and safety has to be paramount. A motorised automated door controller also fully complies with DDA.

The other thing to consider with contactless zero touch access control is the means of exit. This can be by either no touch request to exit buttons, that detect the proximity of any object not just a hand or automatic person presence detection using a movement sensor

For more information please contact us to book your design consultation

Home Automation Automatic Garden Watering System

We recently extended one of our home automation systems in Malvern, Worcestershire. We added a solenoid valve so that the home owner could water on demand or on a set schedule. We plumbed in a hanging basket extension. This was set to automatically water for 10 minutes at sunrise and sunset. Our automatic valve was then plumbed in to the mains water supply.

Burglar Alarm Central Heating Control in Hereford

We recently installed an intruder burglar alarm providing input to the central heating system. Many systems exist i.e. nest etc that give smartphone control or timer control. There are also options to use geolocation. Many people dont like to use geolocation due to priviacy concerns and it does have quite an impact on smartphone battery life. It also means if you leave your phone at home then it doesnt work as intended.

The one piece of equipment in your home that knows when your in, out or in bed is your burglar alarm. In this case for a client we used a HKC 10270 Hybrid control panel with the HKC WiFi App to control the system. The heating system was a Drayton Wiser that allowed for multi zone temperature setup. We used the HKC Burglar alarm in Hereford to set the heating system to ‘away’ mode. This allowed the house to run at 16 degrees when empty. On returning and disarming the Burglar Alarm the heating system is set to comfort mode. Intelligently and simply using the system. So when children arrive home its all automatic. Also when you leave it always turns the heating down you dont need to remember holidays or long weekends. Few people have such a routine that a system can learn your comings and goings. Integrating your heating system to your Burglar Alarm system solves this issue.

We also added light control to this system Internal and external. When anyone leaves to house the heating is set to away and any lights left on are turned off.

Burglar Alarm Herefordshire

Security for everyone in the Herefordshire area for all budgets

  • Burglar alarm Hereford

  • Save money on your insurance
  • Pet friendly options
  • Aftercare service guaranteed
  • All of our alarm are insurance approved

keeping yourself safe from theft, burglary and intruders in Hereford is very important to us all. Secure It All are leading providers of security systems and burglar alarms in Hereford and Herefordshire. We are proud to be a Local NSI Gold NACOSS approved company providing monitored intruder and burglar alarm Hereford / Herefordshire.

Our range of security systems are designed around and for you. It may be you require an app based burglar alarm or monitored police response, NACOSS and Insurance approved burglar alarm in Hereford.

Please see our product range for more details or book a design visit from one of our design engineers on the number above.

Image of a HKC keypad. on a burglar alarm Hereford

Here is information for home owners from the manufacturer we recommend for smart burglar alarms. HKC

How much does a burglar alarm cost to install?, please see here

The HKC burglar alarm control panel allows for smartphone apps to be enabled. As its a hybrid panel it allows complete flexibility of hard wired or wireless detection. If you can get a wire to a device we would recommend it. Where its impossible, impractical or doing so would exceed the budget we would recommend wireless detectors or peripherals.

We can setup multiple groups (subsystems from the main system) to give out buildings, garages etc independent burglar alarm control.

Signalling options include audible only, self monitoring using wifi, gsm, ethernet, or a combination to give ‘dual path’ signalling. This will allow alarm event delivery even in the event of a broadband failure, mains failure or wifi jammer.

Secure it all burglar alarms can be operated by user code, proximity keyfob, smartphone and even alexa voice control.

Texecom Impaq vs Honeywell Viper shock sensor comparison Review

Initial thoughts

Appearance is subjective but i prefer the look and feel of the viper. Particularly dislike the screw cover on the impaq. Honeywell Viper comes with a manual the impaq does not. Like the built in resistors on the impaq, prefer the cable room on the viper.

Included in the box

Installation and operation

On the Impaq you need to remove the pcb to get to the mounting screw location. not a huge issue but something id prefer not to do. Obviously you would remove the viper pcb but at least its a simple operation. However I feel the inclusion of the correct size screws in the viper a massive plus over none in the impaq s

EOL Inclusion. I like the selectable resistors on the Impaq. Whilst the resistors required are included with the control panel i prefer built in resistors every time. But there seems no way to use the impaq in a double pole system. It looks EOL only so make sure your panel is compatible first.

Both units have comfort LED functionality. Both units flash every few seconds to show they are powered, showing a different indication in alarm. This can be disabled

Both devices have adjustable sensitivity however they are very different. The Viper employs a variable adjustment providing hundreds of settings. The Impaq uses a button system allowing 5 levels of adjustment. While this ‘will do’ I prefer the viper approach as it allows for much greater control.

Both units were reliable in operation. But reliability would depend on the correct setup.

as a final note i found this in the texecom manual which i have never seen before

Domestic Use: If this product is installed within reach of children the screw cover should not be fitted as this could cause a choking hazard.


Both units do a fine job of detection, both are EN50131 compliant. There isnt any major minus points on either device but due to the adjustment, quicker installation and cable entry/space I prefer the Viper unit.

Covonavirus Covid 19 Burglar Alarm Installation

At Secure It All we take the safety of our customers and employees very seriously, and so whilst we will do all we can to continue to offer you support during the current unprecedented situation, we cannot, at the moment, offer you our usually service levels.

Covid 19 Professional Intruder alarm with App supprt. Self install till lockdown lifted
Covid 19 Professional Intruder alarm with smartphone app support

We are prioritising emergency calls and those customers who currently have a service contract with us. Providing we can assist you in within the Government guidelines and ensure both your safety, and that of our employees, we will do all we can to handle any issues you may have.

We are very aware that in these unsettling times, security is a very important consideration and whilst our intruder alarm installation service is very limited at the moment we can offer you an interim solution should you wish to protect your property.

We have self install professional alarm systems that we can send out to you and are programmed ready to use. All you will need to do is position them in your property. The kit contains a decoy external bell box that we will swap for a live one once we can come out to you.

The system also comes with remote access so we can provide you with ongoing support without the need for a physical visit. We can even set you up with an App so you can monitor your alarm from your phone should you wish.

Our Coronovirus Covid-19 Burglar alarm allows you to have protection during this difficult time.

Our self install system is £499 + VAT. It is a fully flexible system and you can add additional detection to it at a later date should you wish.

If you are concerned and want to some further advice please give us a call and we can let you know the variety of ways that we have to continue to serve you.

Amazon Blink vs Conventional Professional CCTV

We often get asked what the main differences are between the amazon blink system vs normal hard wired cctv.

There are some advantages to both

Blink for instance is a much simpler installation and as such cheaper

It also wireless for both the images / video and the power

However these are also downsides. Below are images from a test blink system compared to a secure it all budget hard wired system

Using SIA Cameras / CCTV For Fever Screening

Thermal Imaging Cameras in this usage can assist with Fever Screening by detecting elevated body temperatures in large groups of people, in under 1 second, with accuracy up to ±0.3℃. Covid 19 / Corona Virus Detection has ensured this is at the forefront of all Business buildings.

Our Cameras work by using thermal IR detection. They can detect a higher body temperature due to covid 19 or corona virus. The higher an object’s temperature, the higher intensity of emitted IR. Taking advantage of the differences in IR intensity between objects, thermal cameras make the invisible IR “visible” in such a way they see heat as we humans see images.

The cameras provide fully detailed colour images and temperature scales that can sound alarms to go off when a certain temperature threshold is exceeded. These functions make it obvious and easy for an anyone to instantly decide whether the subject needs to be referred for medical examination.

Our Thermal Imaging Camera based Fever Screening Solution comprises the latest detection algorithm to ensure only fever free visitors enter your premisis. This can be integrated with your SIA access control system to alert you of issues with employees

It takes less than a second which makes it ideal for Fever Screening large groups of people.

Applications include Healthcare, Education, Factories, Airports, Ports, Stations, and other security check entrances for temporary control.

Please View our partners video here