Thermal cameras to detect coronavirus covid19

SIA are offering a way to detect persons with elevated body temperatures in public areas etc. The use of these systems are to warn people that there is a person with a higher body temperature than normal. Response can then be adjusted depending on the environment. You may be planning to use them in corridor areas to highlight a member of staff, a reception area to identify a visitor in your reception. Even in your school where a pupil or teacher maybe of concern.

The System

We use multiple providers to provide our temperature screening solution, with various product types for use in a wide range of applications. There is rarely a 1 individual product solution else there would be no need for others to exist. Our systems are designed to provide rapid detection on elevated skin-surface temperatures. This approach can monitor all areas of a building rather than just one defined area for example. It allows non contact measurement of visitors etc to avoid any physical contact

It is Faster as the system is constantly monitoring and working in the background, our system can detect one person per second and verify temperature detection

Its Smarture utilising AI to massivly reduce on false alarms, ie coffee cups, laptops being carried etc. This Artificial Intelligence ensures we only detect a persons skin and ignores other sources of heat.

Our Temperature Compensation algorithm manages the difference between the ambient temperature and the distance to the measured target for a considerable accuracy improvement. This accuracy is +/- 0.5  in standalone and +/- 0.3  with our recommended blackbody calibration unit. This ensures every image is accurate as the system calibrates on the fly constantly.


  • High efficiency one second to detect a fever temperature
  • High Accuracy, upto +/- 0.3  
  • Easy operation to reduce training
  • Increased safety as precautions can be taken before contact