How Much Is a Burglar Alarm?

This is a very good question. Many people ask the question How much does a Burglar alarm or intruder alarm cost? It highly depends. Its a bit like how much is a car, a kitchen or even a house. Not only does it depend on the size of the system but also the quality of the components used but more importantly the skill and the knowledge of the installer / designer. Even the very best equipment can be installed incorrectly causing no end of issues.

However most burglar alarm systems cost in region of £500 – £800 +vat. At secure it all we dont use cheap equipment. It would be easier to and many companies do. They do this because it allows them to offer a burglar alarm at what appears a lower cost for the same system from us. Then due to the fact that cheap equipment has been used when the faults start they are ‘chargeable’ visits. We do things differently at Secure It All. We dont want to get numerous call backs to our systems. Most of our support contracts are on our *fully comprehensive. This way if there is a problem on your system that is a fault of the system there will never be a charge. Even if its 10 years old. It is in our interests to use quality components installed well.

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