No Touch Contactless Access Control System

He at secure it all we have seen an increased demand of no touch access control in Birmingham. Our system allows entry and egress through access controlled doors. Due to the current coronavirus / covid 19 many people prefer not to touch doors, use pin keypads or press exit buttons. Using a Secure It All touch free contactless access control system we can off you this. There are 3 main ways to ensure contactless no touch access control. The first is on the secure side of the door. The reader cant be biometric (fingerprint etc) or pinpad. We must use a proximity system, pretty much the same technology used for contactless payment systems.

Once we have decided with you on your chosen reader technology we then need to decide whether to automate the door opening. Usually this can be done on existing doors and safety has to be paramount. A motorised automated door controller also fully complies with DDA.

The other thing to consider with contactless zero touch access control is the means of exit. This can be by either no touch request to exit buttons, that detect the proximity of any object not just a hand or automatic person presence detection using a movement sensor

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