Burglar Alarm Central Heating Control in Hereford

We recently installed an intruder burglar alarm providing input to the central heating system. Many systems exist i.e. nest etc that give smartphone control or timer control. There are also options to use geolocation. Many people dont like to use geolocation due to priviacy concerns and it does have quite an impact on smartphone battery life. It also means if you leave your phone at home then it doesnt work as intended.

The one piece of equipment in your home that knows when your in, out or in bed is your burglar alarm. In this case for a client we used a HKC 10270 Hybrid control panel with the HKC WiFi App to control the system. The heating system was a Drayton Wiser that allowed for multi zone temperature setup. We used the HKC Burglar alarm in Hereford to set the heating system to ‘away’ mode. This allowed the house to run at 16 degrees when empty. On returning and disarming the Burglar Alarm the heating system is set to comfort mode. Intelligently and simply using the system. So when children arrive home its all automatic. Also when you leave it always turns the heating down you dont need to remember holidays or long weekends. Few people have such a routine that a system can learn your comings and goings. Integrating your heating system to your Burglar Alarm system solves this issue.

We also added light control to this system Internal and external. When anyone leaves to house the heating is set to away and any lights left on are turned off.

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